Influencer Bundle: 90 Days: FUSCIA
Influencer Bundle: 90 Days: FUSCIA
Influencer Bundle: 90 Days: FUSCIA
Influencer Bundle: 90 Days: FUSCIA
Influencer Bundle: 90 Days: FUSCIA

Influencer Bundle: 90 Days: FUSCIA

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1- FUSCIA 90 Days of START
1- Bookmark/Ruler
1- Pen Pal
1- Social Butterfly Stickers
1- Sidekick Pouch

What do you want to accomplish in the next 90 days? If you set your mind to something and really focus on the action steps to get there with a 90-day deadline, We think you will be surprised by how much you can go ahead, dream big!

There is something so powerful about 90 days. Its long enough to make BIG things happen, but short enough to not feel overwhelming. With focus, a written goal, and the right tool to help guide you through your 90 days, you will be unstoppable!

And so 90 days of Start was born.  A lighter, more portable, focused spiral-bound notebook. There is no calendar or schedule, this planner focuses on action items with a full spread for each day combining priorities, to-do items and a full page of blank lines EVERY DAY that designed to be used as a journal, notes, or however you need to customize it to meet YOUR personal needs! 

We understand that digital calendars are used by many businesses and families, but there is still a benefit to creating tangible to-do lists, notes and plans to keep you accountable and mindful of your goals, which is why this planner was created!

It is also the perfect companion if you already use our Hustle Planner or Fancy Pants Planner, but want to really focus in on a specific goal or need more space to write!

The next 90 days are going to fly by before you know it, won't it feel good to look back at the end of them and see what amazing progress you have made on your goals? 


  • 90 Days of planning
  • Space to goal set and vision board your focuses for the next 90 days.
  • Each Day includes two pages (one spread) and includes the following features:
    Use these days to focus in on the action steps to achieve your 90-day goals.
  • Your daily focus
  • Your daily motivation
  • Prompt for your top 3 priorities
  • 16 additional "to-do" lines with checkboxes
  • One full page of blank lines for notes; take notes, use as a journal, for extra to-do items, etc.   
  • Tracking working out, supplements/vitamins and water intake each day.
  • Blank area for you to track any additional needs: Plan meals, track budgets, count calories or even use the area for quotes or scripture.
  • 10 extra lined note pages at the end

Spiral Bound

  • 195 Pages (70# paper weight)
  • Overall dimension (including spiral): 8.75” x 6" x .75”.
  • Page dimension: 8.5" x 5.5" 
  • Weight: 1 lbs .5 oz
  • 2 Pockets