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You Should Know… (Notepad)

The Bookmark
Maria Steppling
The Bookmark

This bookmark snaps easily into the spiral quarterly planner. It’s easy to find the daily page and the straight edge is handy for drawing boxes around important items.

Weekly Dashboard Notepad
Christine Beaudoin
Keeps me in line

I ordered the “Quarterly” planner and I was missing a weekly overview. This dashboard makes it easy to see the entire week at a glance. I like to do them a few weeks in advance and keep updating as the week gets closer.

Pen Pal (SILVER!)
Maria Steppling

If you need a great planner that encompasses every aspect of your life, order this system. It comes in annual weekly or daily formats OR you can plan 90 days at a time in the quarterly which has a two page spread for each day of the week. I have the quarterly and chose the pen pal so I could always have my pen ready. It is absolutely the most comprehensive planner on the market. Try it!

Love these for storing business cards in. I always add one to my quarterly planner

Sticks great and is wonderful for holding pictures, cards, cash or any important documents

The last planner you will EVER need

This planner has it all, from finances, health and wellness, a daily schedule and a road map on how to reach your short term and long term goals, you have a place to keep it with you. All the planners have the same system but you can choose from a weekly or daily annual formats, or plan a quarter at a time in the quarterly planner. Don’t miss the chance to take control of the last quarter of this year and make things happen!

Née Quarterly Planners

I love it but would love a case bound version with the new updates and colors.


Added this to my cart and I’m glad I did! Started using the quarterly because I love the size, but I need to see my week regularly. I can write this out on Sunday, stick it on my Monday page in my quarterly & then move it through the week. It’s great… but I’d love the quarterly size planner with a weekly format!!

Fantastic & Streamlined

Love this planner…perfect for business because it gives you so much more space to organize your life and be successful!!

START Journal
Sonia Garcia
Yearly Planner Partner

Great for brain dumping and journaling!

Amazing option!

I LOVE that I had the option to by a quarterly planner. I just wish it had a monthly financial layout but I understand the quarter layout. I will definitely be purchasing the full year planner for 2022.

A Great Planner

This planner has a lot of the features I want and I love that I am able to carry it with me. My only issue is that is the price.

Small but MIGHTY!!

I have used several planners & journals the past couple of years to keep track of everything - budget, goals, gratitude, medical notes, menu plans, etc. After I heard about the new updated The STARTplanner Quarterly, I knew I had to try it. OMG!! I am soo glad I did. Now I am to have everything in one place. Even my medical team is impressed with how much information I can give them now because I am able to have everything in one place & the fact that it can fit in my purse and go with me everywhere is amazing. The bonus is I don't have to worry about not ordering the next one in time because of the subscription plan. I could go on and on!!

Thank you

Having a daily schedule and a bigger place for meals with snacks added makes it much easier for me to use 🙂

Thank you!

Just gets better and better!

they just keep getting better ❤️

the only planner i use .. it has everything ando anything.. the new quarterly planner is a must have and couldn’t be happier .. thank you Kristi, Jenny and the Rest of the Start Planner Team .. You Ladies Rock

Quarterly - best idea ever

I have a separate weekly, but this new quarterly allows me to focus on on my day, gratitude, goals and schedule. It has all the features on the larger planners but much more writing space. Love the newest version- I’m hooked!

Damaged Cover, Perfect layout!

I absolutely LOVE the new quarterly layout and will probably be switching to the quarterly system for the year! My only complaint is that the front cover came with a huge line/crack down the middle—kind of like the cover had somehow been folded. All the others I have seen pictures of look amazing with no issues, though, so I’m sure it was a one-off!

We are totally here for any issues. :)

I love the brand just not the 21/22 midyear

The Start Planner brand is amazing because it pulls everything that we encounter in our very different lives together. I have been using Start Planners since 2019 when I actually purchased an Erin Condren, passion planner, plum paper planner and a start planner to see which one I liked the best. The Start Planner won hands down and a bunch of my friends were pretty happy to get free planners. Since then Start Planner has made a few changes that is honestly making the product less user friendly to some.
1. I am a midyear girl that loves spiral bound. Christmas is always way to hectic to be switching over planners, so I’m all about the midyear and the way I keep on top of my planning is by leaving my planner open to only half the week. This keeps me from being overwhelmed and also keeps me accountable by not being able to avoid my open planner on the night stand initially and then with me throughout the rest of the day.
2. Removing the password and insurance pages from the planner. I honestly rely on my planner to keep track of this info.
3. Removing too many of the daily to do boxes. I honestly put both my daily tasks, because it can be easy to forget when you get busy and my tasks from the left list that I’m trying to plan out for the week. Every year it seems more to do boxes are taken away.
4. I’m honestly not a fan how the daily hour lines are lined up with the hour. I want to write on the line, not through the line. I also preferred the hour to be slightly bolder like in the 2019 model.
5. The tabs are also not separated from the pages enough for easier navigation and lastly, the folder seems like an afterthought and isn’t very sturdy compared to the folders included in earlier planners.
1. The cover was beautiful.
2. The added financial pages are welcomed
3. The monthly gift pages are also really nice to have back.
4. I love the lines through the days on the monthly page.

I do still love Start Planners, it’s just that some of the changes weren’t ideal.

Use it Everyday

Great printable!! It’s clean, simple, has everything I need! I use it basically everyday so I can plan my days out! Thanks so much!

Coloring Inserts
Coloring inserts

Absolutely love this product

Great but I wish it was bigger

This planner is everything I have been looking for in one, but I wish the pages were bigger for more room to write on the days and month spreads!

Love the Quarterly!

Love the Quarterly! First time I using it. It has so much room for all my daily work and personal things.

This planner is incredible!

After years of using other planners I made the switch and I am seriously so happy I did. I love both planners, but this one truly has it all. I felt with the other planners I had to buy multiple accessories, additional planners (for budgeting, goals, meal prep, etc), and this one truly has it all! I was BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the product, as well as packaging. My only wish was that there was a smaller option - but a very small ask considering it checked all the boxes and then some!

Everything’s Here!

Love these planners!! I have both the Daily and the Weekly. The new art for the 21/22 planner is GORGEOUS!!! Even without all the planning tools within, I wanted this planner because of the cover. It’s beautiful, calm and invigorating all at once. And there are an incredible amount of planning tools Start Planner manages to fit in throughout the planner and yet still leave enough space to write and individualize as one wishes. I’m currently using both planners. I love the Daily to keep track of all the nitty gritty details per day, but the Weekly helps me look longer term and lay out week by week my goals. You can do this with the Daily alone, which I’ve done in the past, but I’m really enjoying using both. I include everything in my planners. It’s a great place for me to include what I’m reading, special events, journaling thoughts or highlights of the day. For me having it all in one place is useful as then I can jot down things as they come to my mind rather than having a separate book for my gratitude, daily journal, etc. Using both the Daily and the Weekly has given me even more room to include everything as well as to tape in special receipts or tickets or notes that I receive and want to keep to reflect on later. Highly recommend Start Planners! Consistently great quality in packaging, paper, printing, covers…these planners will hold up through it all.