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The Perfect Planner

I love this planner, no questions asked. My only concern for this year was the case bound spine instead of spiral bound. So far the case bound is holding up against the daily opening/closing and tossing it around but I'll be curious to see how it fares through the year.

Love my planner but wish it was spiral again

This is my 3rd year ordering the StartPlanner. I love the layout and goal setting. My only disappointment is this year's midyear is not spiral bound. Other than that it is great.

Mid year dated

This is the first time I've bought the mid year. Absolutely love it. Start Planner makes amazing planners!

Winter Bucket List
Samantha Cabell
It looks great!

To be completely fair, I got the list in July, lol. It looks fun and has awesome things to do to, and I'm excited to put this in my schedule when it gets closer.

Bestie Notebooks
Karen Nelson
Besties are the BESTEST!

I love Besties! They are slim and fit into your planner, purse, book bag, etc. They are college rules and I use them to track my snail mail, health, property details, exercise layouts.

3 STARTplanner Pencils
Natalie Stanley
A little Disappointed

I bought the planner last year and the binding was different. I like the old binding better. Also, there are fewer lines under prioritize each day, which means I have had to change how I plan my work day, which means more erasing and stuff. I liked last years mid year planner better.

Too Complicated

*Beautifully made and very well thought out
*Very detailed
*Focused minded
*Too complicated for my lifestyle
*I feel like I would be tied to this planner every second of the day
*I like to take my planner with me and feel like too much information would be at risk if I lost the planner
*Too heavy to carry in my handbag
*I gave it away and purchased another brand that works for my lifestyle

This planner would work for those that are driven by a structured layout to capture every detail. I think the concept is beautiful I only wish it would have worked for my lifestyle needs.

Nice, but would be great with a few format adjustments and larger daily size

I have tried many goal planners and had high hopes for this one. However, some of the features here seem a bit unnecessary/unfunctional. I don't know anyone who keeps a paper grocery list (for example) and those that do certainly couldn't fit it on a 4x5 piece of paper! I repurposed that space into monthly to-do lists for various goal categories in my life. The project planning at the start of each month is WAY too narrow. There is only enough space for one project. So having multiple projects overall means you have to pick only 1 to focus on each month. I also really desire more space for each day to keep me focused on my goals. Each day is a small page (which I knew, but I had hoped for a daily option in the bigger format so that I could have space to do daily goal check ins. In general, I like all the options in here that I can use, but I would gladly give some of those up in exchange for weekly checklists (like a daily grid I can check off for when I meditate, work out, etc each day) to help keep me on track. The goal planning here is very big picture, but not geared to force you to focus on the goals each day, which was what I had hoped for.

Beautiful Planner

This is one of the most beautiful planners I have seen. I love the layout and the budgeting feature is just what I needed.

Wish it was spiral

Love, love, love the planner pages! I miss the spiral notebook style, if it is bound like this again next year I won’t be purchasing.

4th Start Planner

This is my 4th time getting a STARTplanner and I am a huge fan. So much so that I got all my co-workers on board to order their first ones ever :) I go between the daily and weekly and I love them both. I’d love to see the workout tracking get its own set of lines for writing actual workout names and content, but other than that I am a happy customer as usual!

Thank you for all of the hard work you ladies go through to make this happen. I also love that the best planning product out there is women owned and operated.

Love my planner!

Even with the shipping delay it was well worth the wait! I love the cover this year and I’m actually not minding the switch to case bound at all. I also love the added lines to the boxes in the monthly view.

Fantastic as always. Lifelong Start Planner customer here. Thanks guys!

Love the organization of the planner, but not a fan of its large size


I really miss the Fancy Pants planner, but I'm really enjoying the weekly Annual Planner. My only wish is that it had a space for my pens!

Great and unique planner

This is the first time I ordered with STARTplanner and my whole work team ended up grabbing one. Now all 4 of us are rockin’ our own and my boss even offered to pay for it for our initiative😀.
I love the way the weekly planner is organized with weekly gratitude, priorities, self care reminders, and time blocking. I got easily accustomed.
This is just a recommendation since I’m a note taker- the note pages are in the beginning of the month currently. I’d almost prefer a note page to separate each week, along with the lists for groceries or whatever!

Love this planner though- five stars!

As always- this planner does not disappoint-one and done!

These ladies literally think of everything, the continuing improvements to the planner are always on point. The mid year this year is beautiful. This is my fourth or fifth year using the start planner system and I always recommend it to others. If you are a pen and paper planner, this is the last planner you’ll ever buy!

Midyear weekly case bound

I was in love with the spiral bound version. I am really liking the case bound.

Best planner - because it’s got everything in it!

The most complete planner on the market! Been using for 5+ years! I also use the recipe Fancy Pants binder and the Fancy Pants binder for other misc things! Business Partners and Besties are also perfect and I’ve used for 5+ years also! SMART Goals are explained and supported through out.

I love my planner.

Mid year planner updates

As much as I love the sleek look of the bound book I am not confident that bound will last, durability wise, as well as the spiral did. I’m also not a huge fan of the very light lines in the month at a glance boxes.
These 2 small details didn’t deter me, I’m in love with the Start format. And obsessed with the daily outline.

Fantastic daily format

The daily format is the most comprehensive I’ve seen on the market. You can time block, track meals and water intake, build healthy habits with exercise and taking vitamins and take care of your top three tasks or jot down gratitude. For Monday through Friday the layout is perfect. I do wish for a full day page for Saturday and Sunday as my weekends can be just as busy as weekdays. I’d love to see a 6 month planner or an update to the quarterly planner with the days of the week labeled as well as a time blocking section.

I have a new best friend

Coming from being a die hard fan of fancy pants I was a little skeptical about switching over to something new but I must admit I am a true die hard fan of Start!!! I absolutely love everything about it.

Best planner for all the little details

I’m loving the new mid year daily! Love the added meals section where you can track and plan. Love how neat and professional it is while having every detail you need. Thanks ladies!

The best planner ever

I love my planner it’s is so useful and keeps me on track with all my work meetings

As always LOVE

Love, love, love!! 💕 I cannot share enough how amazing these planners are. And the team who makes it all happen is even better! I won’t be buying a planner from anywhere else!