Our Team



We are just like you. Moms, women, doggie Moms, all hustling to make our own dreams a reality! Thank you for being a part of our community and investing in your future... NOW LET’S HUSTLE TOGETHER!!!!!!


Co-Founder & Captain of Currency 
Life enthusiast, business strategist, self proclaimed coffee addict, mom of three boys (hence the coffee), people who don’t know me think I’m quiet, people who know me wish I was, and a wife who is never wrong!
Co-Founder & Crayon Evangelist
Right-brained Portland native, design dynamo, queen of lists, and single mom to a teen son (help!). I dream in pantone colors, and I can’t pass a dog without petting it. Give me cheese and wine and we will be friends for life.
Keeper of the Books
Number cruncher, beach lover, married for a realllly long time(anybody feel me). Mom to a teen son that loves to hunt, fish, and go mudding in the Jeep and yes I partake in the fun.  My favorite accessory is sunshine, I wasn’t made for winter,  I really believe that life is better in flip flops!
Lover of the People
Dancing Diva, Doggie mom, coffee connoisseur.  If I am not dancing, you can usually find me with my nose in a good book. I am a firm believer that an organized life, makes for a happy life!