Our Team

Kristy Dickerson

Kristy Dickerson | CEO & Captain of Currency 
Life enthusiast, business strategist, self proclaimed coffee addict, mom of three boys (hence the coffee), people who don’t know me think I’m quiet, people who know me wish I was, and a wife who is never wrong!
Jenny Grumbling

Jenny Grumbling | Co-Founder & Crayon Evangelist
Right-brained Portland native, design dynamo, queen of lists, and single mom to a teen son (help!). I dream in pantone colors, and I can’t pass a dog without petting it. Give me cheese and wine and we will be friends for life.   
Kara Swilley

Kara Swilley | Operations Manager & Officer of Orderliness
Servant oriented powerhouse, lover of colors, Detail Diva. Mother to one fur baby but friend to them all. She and her hubby put the “y” in goofy, and she never lets a day go by without laughing, even if it’s just at herself. And there’s nothing a cup of frozen yogurt can’t solve
Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson | Brand Ambassador
Auburn alum who puts the “elation” in public relations. I am crafty (with the occasional Pinterest fail) and talkative – very. I love get my Om on at hot yoga, but often want to tell my 4 and 2-year-old, “Nah-ma-stay in Bed.” Fun fact? I met my hubby on a reality TV dating show.