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Hustle Planner is our original flagship planner that is spiral bound combining goals, plans (projects, holidays, vacations, entertainment), finances, health (meal planning, water intake, vitamins, groceries, workout), and scheduling. In addition, we have two new versions of our Hustle Planner: Hustle Weekly and Hustle Daily Business Edition. Hustle Weekly is our Hustle Planner, but in a weekly format, and Hustle Business (available only with our Jan-Dec lines) has a separate “Biz” component with monthly business financials, marketing & social media planning, mileage log, and branding. This is great for entrepreneurs or small business owners.





 Fancy Pants Planner is a binder format of our Hustle planner. Created to allow for customization as well as portability, Fancy Pants is designed to hold all tabs and content, and up to 3 months of daily pages at a time. This gives you full control on the size of your binder and allows you to still plan out your year and months in advance with customizing options. Fancy Pants offers add-ons/accessories such as a Ruler/Bookmark, tab dividers (Break-It-Up), and custom inserts for Realtors, Direct Sales, Photographers, Teachers, Business Planning, Extra Notes, and more! If you are someone who is traveling or on the go a lot, or needs a format that can be customized to fit your life, then Fancy Pants is just want you need!