What is this all about, and how do the planners differ?

We currently have 2 lines of planners. Check them out here

How often are new planners released?

We offer both a full year (January-December) as well as a mid-year (July-June) line of planners!  So have no fear, if you missed our last round of planners, it's just a short wait until our next line-up will be released - but be forewarned… they sell out fast!!! Want to be the first to know when the new line of planners hits our store? Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates on pre-order and release dates (and all kinds of other fun stuff, too)! ;) You can also join our private Facebook Group! (Be Fancy, Stay Legit, Start Hustlin')  

How do I know which planner is right for me? 

A planner is such a personal preference so here are some links to point you in the right direction for planner peace! First, take a look at this blog post here to learn more about the differences between our planner lines and possibly discern which planner might be best for you. We also have a quiz that you can take here. Once you have a better idea of which planner would be best for your needs, you can download a sample page here and give the different layouts a try and see which works best for your schedule!

Can you tell me more about the paper? 

We are not ashamed to admit it: we are paper snobs. We believe that quality paper matters. We wanted the whole touch-and-feel experience of our planners to be amazing! The pages inside are #70, and the cover has a smooth-as-silk, velvety finish. You will love the way it feels so much, you might never put it down. 

What is the “Little Loved" Planner? 

On occasion, we receive a few planners that have a "little love" when they arrive to us. Rather than shipping them back to our supplier, we decided to discount them and offer them as-is, with just a little extra love. Honestly, we would use these planners ourselves! No content is missing. "Little Loved" planners will have a separate listing and be clearly labeled as "Little Loved" on our site. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. And, yes, after a month of use, it will probably just blend right in!

Are your Fancy Pants binders real leather?

All of our binders are vegan friendly. :) Each binder has a soft pebble texture on the outside, and the inside has a two-tone pebble/smooth faux leather texture. 

How do I care for my STARTplanner?

With every planner you purchase you will receive a Welcome/Care Card for your specific planner, but here are some general suggestions for caring for any of our planners: These are all handcrafted products and wear over time is to be expected. It is important to take care of your planner. Any product with gold foil will, over time, start to wear off. This is normal in the nature of the gold foil.

  • SPIRAL PLANNER - Always close your planner from front to back. When traveling, take extra care by placing in bag or providing extra protection.  Don’t stack heavy objects on or around the spiral (it makes them sad!). Keep in cool, dry place… watch out for those coffee spills! Last but not least, you will begin to see “love” on your planner as you continue to plan and rock it out!  (It’s OK! This just means you are totally crushing your goals!) 
  • FANCY PANTS - So, you got Fancy, huh? Here are a couple tips to help you get started with your Fancy Pants Planner! Each day of the year has its own page. This binder was designed to hold 1-3 months at a time, making it easy to travel. (520 pages total! They will not all fit in the binder at once!) The binder is designed to include: all the tabs, 1-3 months of daily pages, goals, projects, extra inserts sections & bling! Please place the plastic insert page in the back of your planner to protect your pages when opening & closing. When traveling, take extra care by placing it in a bag or providing extra protection. Keep in cool, dry place… watch out for those coffee spills!  Last but not least, you will begin to see “love” on your planner as you continue to plan and rock it out!  (It’s OK! This just means you are totally crushing your goals!)