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STARTpreparing is an organization system that helps you to be prepared in the case of an emergency, death or some other unforeseeable event. We a lot of times don't want to think about these scenarios but it is one of the most important things to plan for! We have been working with attorneys and other advisors to make sure there are no gaps in being prepared! 

STARTpreparing is a system that aids in helping you get your life (or a significant other's life) organized in the instance of an emergency (i.e. natural disaster, medical incapacitation, or death). It is something none of us want to think or talk about, but if you have ever been in a situation like this, I’m sure you know the importance of having your affairs in order. Having wishes, finances, documents, and information in a centralized location can take stress off loved ones and give you peace of mind that things will be taken care of! STARTpreparing today!

  • Includes:

    1. An expanding file folder with 5 sections to organize your documents.
    2. A notebook that will prompt you to collect and include all your important information, (doctors, prescriptions, advisors, debts, assets, passwords, etc.) and walks you through the process of getting PREPARED.
    3. A sticker sheet. This includes tabs for the folder, along with additional tabs and stickers so you can add folders into your expanding folder to further organize your documents.
    4. Everything comes included a beautiful keepsake box, perfect for storage OR as a ready to give gift! #justsayin 
    1. Sections it Covers
    2. Documents to collect
    3. The Basics
    4. Legal Info
    5. Your Financial Advisors
    6. Finances + Debts
    7. Medical Advisors
    8. Medications
    9. Insurance Policies
    10. Personal Advisors
    11. Digital Assets
    12. Social Media Accounts
    13. Disaster Preparation Checklist
    14. Funeral/Service Overview
    15. + Lots of room for personal notes
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