FUEL is the perfect companion for grocery store runs! I mean we all need fuel right?! That is what we are about–fueling ourselves for productivity.  It’s the perfect small size to take with you (or send someone else with) if you don't want to take your planner along. It’s also great for anything extra that you are planning, like parties/events, when you need some extra "grub" laying around. :) You have a space for planning out your weekly meals and grocery shopping for that week! 

•Each notepad is 50 pages.

•Dimensions are 4 x 8.5 ~ *does not fit inside the “sidekick” zipper bag*


If you have a significant other... they will not like this one! ;) “Delegate" is perfect when you need to create a list for anyone else other than yourself... Increase your productivity by delegating! 

Perfect for kids, spouses (cough, cough), significant others, etc. and is also great to use in a team environment. It is set up just like our STARTplanner. Focusing on the top three first, so you are prioritizing tasks. Fill in who it is for and even assign a due date... our favorite part and probably theirs too.... REWARD TIME! I mean, when you crush a list there should be some sort of reward, right?!  We think so! 

 •Each notepad is 50 pages.

•Dimensions 4.25 x 7 ~ *does not fit inside the “sidekick” zipper bag*


“Master Plan" is perfect if you need a master plan! No, but really! It is designed to create a master to-do list for a specific project you are working on or even create a bulleted list on a weekly basis of items you need to get done that week. Use STARTplanner Tape to stick and remove a master note to the daily/weekly page and move it along with you throughout the week as you assign “to-do's” to specific days, and get your whole list knocked out each week. Boom! Productivity at it’s finest. 

•Each notepad is 50 pages

•Dimensions 4.25 x 7 ~ *does not fit inside the “sidekick” zipper bag*


This is where you think... duh! ;) “Think Tank" is perfect when you are brainstorming, taking notes, or anytime that you need a scratch piece of paper.  Our favorite thing to do is tape those extra notes onto the planner pages using our STARTplanner tape. This makes it easy to refer back to it, filter through notes, and transfer the messy notes into finished thoughts in your planner. Think Tank is also great if you are someone who likes to make a master list each week– just move it from day to day with our tape. 

•Each notepad is 50 pages.

•Dimensions 4.25 x 6.25 ~ Fits nicely into the “sidekick" zipper bag