Top 3 Updates for Mid Year Hustle

Hustle is our original STARTplanner! It has come such a long way and we are continuously looking at every aspect of all the planners to make them as clean, simple, and as functional as possible. 
Here are the top 3 Updates that we have implemented from our 2016 line (Jan-Dec) to our Mid Year Line (July 2016 - June 2017). 
1. Weekends! We completely re-did the weekend spread. A lot of people were saying that they didn't have enough room for everything they had to do on the weekends. Sometimes that is our busiest time. And they were right! We redesigned this entire page still focusing on a weekend top three, your schedule, and weekly grocery list. 
2. Monthly Overview. It is now two spreads! Woot! A common feedback was they needed more room for the monthly spread so we redid it to be two pages in order to give you plenty of room to write and visualize everything you need to tackle at a glance. 
3. Dinner Icon! I love the icons! They are clean, save space, and visually I just like them! 
Now... HUSTLE TIME! :)