I am so excited to share a fun tip with you all today!!  One of the ladies in our STARTplanner Facebook Group recently shared with us how she used one of our Free downloads and added it to her Hustle planner.  We were SO excited to be introduced to what is known as the "arc punch". This particular punch allows you to punch paper in such a way so that you can easily insert pages into your spiral planner... how awesome is that?!?!  We quickly tracked down a punch for ourselves so that we could try this baby out; ) I'm pleased to report that our attempts were successful and we wanted to pass along this great tip to YOU!!
So here is what you will need:
  • Washi Tape
  • Any of our PDF Printable Downloads found here in our shop. The Dates To Remember is one of my favorites!!
  • Levenger Circa Punch (aka Arc Punch) - there are several different ones out there but we love this one because it's portable and economical: )
  • And your Hustle or Legit STARTplanner of course; )
Step 1: Place washi tape along both short ends of your paper. The washi tape will give your paper more stability and help it last longer.
Step 2: Punch both sides of your paper. Although simple, this step is easy to mess up, so watch this short video, which walks you through the punching process...


Step 3: Insert page into your Hustle (pictured) or Legit STARTplanner
Step 4: Rock it out with some color and bling: )
And voila!!! Is this not so awesome!?!?  We are pretty obsessed!  Thank you Audria for sharing your creativity with us and introducing us to the arc punch: )