4 Ways To Become More Outgoing by Challenging Yourself Daily

4 Ways To Become More Outgoing by Challenging Yourself Daily
Becoming more outgoing can positively affect your life by giving you the leverage you need in your personal and business relationships. For some people being outgoing comes easily, but for others it can be a near-constant constant struggle. Whether you’re naturally outgoing or not, these steps should help you lead a happier and more productive life.
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1. Smile at Strangers
Decide every morning to smile at anyone you see throughout your day. It might sound silly, but when you get a smile in return you will begin feeling more confident in no time. This first step might be the hardest for some particularly shy people, but stick with it and you will soon see all the benefits. In addition, smiling releases endorphins into your blood stream as well as the mood-lifting chemical, serotonin. Trying to look happy will make you feel happy, too!

2. Give Compliments Freely
After you spend one week smiling at everyone, it’s time to challenge yourself a little more. Make a goal in your STARTplanner to give five compliments a day for one week. While you could count the compliments given to your significant other, the goal here is to become more sociable with people you aren’t as close with. Make sure your compliment is sincere. You could say anything from “I love the necklace you’re wearing today” to “I appreciate how you always get your work done on time.” Once you start looking for opportunities to compliment the people around you, it will become much easier and you might decide to make a habit out of it when you get all those smiles in return.

3. Making Small Talk and Connecting with Friends
After you’ve spent a week smiling and added the challenge of giving compliments, it’s time to start making small talk with the people around you. Make a goal of talking to one stranger a day. While in line for your morning coffee, you can turn to the person behind you and make a comment about the weather. They will usually respond by being surprised, but will also be pleased by your kindness. Behaving more confidently is a big step in becoming more confident permanently. Now it’s time to ask yourself if there are any friends you haven’t spoken with lately. If so, why don’t you consider hosting a get-together? Or if that isn’t convenient for you, take the time to call your friends or go out with them more often.

4. Self-Reflection
If you take the time to fully immerse yourself in the steps above, you will find yourself feeling more confident. After a certain point is passed, behaving in a more outgoing way will stop being uncomfortable for you and will seem more like a way of life. Being more outgoing towards people you don’t already know will make you feel good and capable of anything, in turn making you both confident and truly outgoing. Once you have challenged yourself for three weeks with these steps, you will begin to sincerely believe you can do anything. This will lead you to holding yourself back less, and your insecurities will fade. The people around you will notice the change in your personality and will see it in a very positive light.